Salon 48 @ the mood room

Salon 48 is based on a exhibition model of radical inclusivity. This “unjuried show” takes place each year on the same night as Artlink’s Annual Juried Exhibition, with a call going out for participation just 48 hours before opening night festivities. The call is open to anyone living in state 48 at the time of the announcement and the only restriction is that they cannot have shown in any of Artlink’s previous exhibitions, projects or promotions.  

The inaugural exhibit of Salon 48 debuted a wide variety of artworks that ranged from the political to the comedic, from classical representations to iconic pop imagery, as well as a touch of nearly everything inbetween. Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and an installation art were on display for the opening night of the mood room with a packed house of 2000+ visitors. 


Mia Adams

RB Anderson

Heather Bamberg

Gilat Ben-Dor

Jackie Brink

Ralph Brekan

Manny Burruel

Penny Cagney

Rebecca Cameron

JennaMae Conlin

Peg Connery-Boyd

Michael Denson

Anne Detwiler

Peter Farago

Francisco Garcia

Hector Garcia

Simona Gocan

Michaela Griego

Sarah Hansegard

K.J. Herb

Teressa Jackson

Rebeka Johnson

Jayme Kelter

Nikaela Kennell

Armida Kielty

Lauren Lee

Sophie Lindemann

Victoria Lindley

Paul Lorenz

John McNamara

Amber Macon

Joanna Marie

Alisha Mendez

Morgan McQuillan

Hedda Neelsen

Ellen Nemetz

Brian Philpott

Joanna Proffitt

Susan Prosser

Corey Sandelius

Stacie Schimke

Tara Sharpe

Craig Thornton

Gary Vulcano

Amber Wanielista

Cazoshay Ward

Darrin Wardle

Shoreigh Williams