James Angel: Turning Points

The mood room is proud to present Turning Points, a survey of paintings and videos by James Angel from 2006 to the present. This exhibition takes a look back at several different bodies of work and debuts a new series of paintings as part of the mood room’s commitment to showing works which were meant to be exhibited during the shelter-at-home period, but which were cancelled and not renewed at this time. 

Angel’s art practice has investigated issues in science and physics, mutation and adaptation, non-linear dynamics and quantum mechanics, as well as the science fiction and speculative futures in an effort to better understand our place in the cosmos. The range of pictorial imagery in this show, both abstract and naturalistic, represents Angel’s ongoing investigations into the hidden relationships that define the world around us. Motifs from geometry, iconography, nature, and the digital realm all collide on Angel’s canvasses which speak to the different types of encounters we can have both within and beyond the visual spectrum.

Never hemmed in by a particular style or mode of expression, it is the interrelations between different works and larger groups of ideas that makes Angel’s oeuvre unique in the world of contemporary art today. Often hung in a bricolage format, the opened ended nature of Angel’s installations allow viewers to draw their own conclusions by inviting multiple readings of any group of work in relation to a myriad of possible associations, connotations and disparate forms of pictorial denotation. This mid-career survey of an artist who has been showing in the Valley for more than two decades represents an opportunity to celebrate the singular vision and commitment of one of Arizona’s most inspired voices. 

Bio: James Angel is recognized as a major contributor  to an emerging downtown arts scene he is one of the founders of the artist collective 3CARPILEUP and the local Chaos Theory annual event. Angle has studied under and worked with several well-known artists and publishers and has exhibited in many galleries and museums. Most recently his work was included in the Bushwick Open Studios Event in New York, the Torrance Art Museum in California and awarded a place in Tilt Gallery’s recent juried exhibition, Infinite Possibilities: Art of Tomorrow.


James Angel: Turning Points, Counterpoints and other Pointed Measures in Unalloyed Aesthetic Experience.