PHX ART NOW III is an annual survey of contemporary art comprised of a wide cross-section of different concerns and mediums. It aims to be a snapshot of art production without trying to impose a theme or group ethos on the works being exhibited. Instead, PHX ART NOW III presents a glimpse into some of the most challenging, creative and diverse contemporary art being made in the valley today.

Daniel Hacche

Merryn Alaka – Mikey Foster Estes

Merryn Omotayo Alaka is Phoenix based multi-media artist. She holds a BFA in printmaking from Arizona State University. Her work, inspired by both West African textiles and Black feminism, includes lithographs, graphic textile design, jewelry, and large-scale sculptures. Alaka assesses the material culture of physical objects such as family heirlooms, jewelry, hair, and fabric as a way to address subjective cultural and racial perspectives. She uses contemporary observations of class and race combined her Nigerian American heritage. Alaka has exhibited her work nationally and most recently showed work in the 2018 Arizona Biennial.

Katreena Alvarez

Mia B. Adams – Kristin Bauer

Mia B. Adams is a Phoenix-born nationally exhibited artist that currently resides in Arizona. Adams holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in Intermedia from Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. By delving into topics of race, discrimination, and social hierarchies, Adams is actively exploring and challenging the interconnections between art and social justice through her studio practice. Working across various mediums, her work is a response to ongoing social and political issues and resides as a visual timestamp of the struggles people of color continue to face in contemporary society. Adams has exhibited her work nationally and will be making her international debut this April at the Ibrida Festival of Intermedia Arts in Forlì, Italy.

Diana Calderon – Christine Cassano

Diana Calderon, born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1981, is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Phoenix, AZ. Raised in the borderlands of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Calderón earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, 2008. She studied bookmaking & printmaking in Cortona, Italy in the University of Georgia’s Study Abroad Program in 2016 & has studied Printmaking at the University of Dallas. Calderón exhibits artwork nationally and internationally. Calderón blends traditional and contemporary techniques such as relief printmaking, bookmaking and performance art, referencing Mexican archaeological and architectural pattern and texture. Calderón investigates her ancestral roots and personal migrant journey through performance art and sculptural installation.

Antoinette Cauley e-mailed

Kat Davis William LeGoullon

Estrella Esquilin – Abbey Messmer

Sam Fresquez – Craig Randich

Rafael Navarro – Bill Dambrova

Larry Madrigal  larryvalencia@gmail.comHeidi Hogden

Brianna Noble e-mailed – Ronna nemitz

Brianna Noble is an able bodied Black, Latinx surviving in a predominantly urban white community. Their paintings serve as a reaction to the assumptions their environment enforces. That often requires rejecting what society and their family imposes. How they perform womanhood is determined solely by what they find to be fit. Noble uses the idea that sex sells, so the viewers will be driven to look, then adds words so they will be driven to read, and be given more information to understand that women are human, not just objects for consumption. In turn, Noble hopes that the next person with similar decisions to make can find the familiarity to do so on their terms too.

Janet Diaz e-mailed – Cydnei Mallory

Janet Diaz is a first generation Mexican-American Chicana Artist. Diaz addresses issues of migration, immigration, labor rights and identity. Originally from Salinas California, Diaz resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is a graduate of Arizona State University. Presently, Diaz is the Artist & Community Relation Manager at Xico Arte y Cultura.

Shoreigh Williams – Travis Rice

Raneem e-mailed

Samantha Lyn Aasen <>, ?
Cydnei Mallory <>, Selected Janet Diaz
Malena Barnhart <>, ?
Daniel Funkhouser <>, ?
Bill Dambrova <>, Selected Rapheal Navarro
“Claire A. Warden” < – WAITING
Kristin Bauer <> – selected Mia B. Adams
Christine Cassano <>, selected Diana Calderon
William LeGoullon <>, selected Kat Davis
Ashley Czajkowski < WAITING
Craig Randich <>, selected Sam Fresquez
Rembrandt Quiballo <> ?, WAITING
Danielle Hacche <> WAITING
Abbey Messmer <>, Selected Estrella Esquilin
mike jacobs <> WAITING
Ronna Nemitz <>, selected
Travis Ivey <> WAITING
Sean Thomas <> WAITING
Mikey Estes <>, selected Merryn Alaka
Heidi Hogden <>, selected Larry Madrigal
Travis Rice <>, selected Shoreigh Williams
Angie Berardini <>,
Elizabeth Taber <>, selected Antoniette Cauley
“Carlos A. Garcia” <> WAITING