Come join us for the opening reception of Rafael Navarro’s Contemplation of a Busy Mind Thursday November 16th from 6pm -9pm.

Contemplation; the act of the mind in considering with attention; continued attention of the mind to a particular subject; meditation; musing; study.

“As artists we observe the world through our senses, we process this information and express it back through our own craft, our own interpretations of the world we live in, through our own work. This body of work represents my own observations, jumping from one thought to another one, sometimes going back and revisiting that thought, or sometimes moving to the next one.” – Navarro

The innate creative abilities of Rafael Navarro emerged long before he entered high school, in his native Mexico City. The primarily self-taught artist—who draws inspiration from his rich heritage, eclectic music, Nature, personal observations and childhood memories—has resided in Phoenix since 1989. His work, often influenced by surrealism, and cubism, has drawn critical acclaim from local academics and art patrons to national curators. He is adept at proposing an idea, then transforming its reality within sculpture, painting and printmaking. He now is an esteemed member of the thriving Phoenix Downtown-art community.

instagram: @rafael_navarro_artes