The 25th year anniversary of Graffaholeks crew celebrates a quarter century of growth and brotherhood. The crew was established by local artist, Fane, in 1997 and originated out of South Phoenix, AZ. Originally, this crew was just a group of friends who loved graffiti and shared the same passion to get better at their craft and to get up. That same passion helped them to push and develop into better artists which led to bigger and better opportunities. One of the original crew members, Spawk, began painting local business signs in exchange for free wall space for him and the crew to paint whatever they wanted. It wasn’t that long before the crew had “free-walls” all over South Phoenix.

Although graffiti is looked down on and not respected as a mainstream artform, that didn’t matter to us. There is an aesthetic value to everything around us, and as our craft was being more accepted into society, we found ourselves establishing careers out of our art. Some of us became tattoo artists, sign painters, graphic designers, and we eventually started getting accepted into galleries as the culture and respect for the craft has become more accepted.

Our crew is about growth and supporting each other to expand our skillsets and overall brand. Meeting other like-minded artists and collaborating on different types of mediums and large-scale projects on a national level. Every person that has been accepted into this crew is considered family and each artist makes us who we are today with their unique individual talents and passion for the craft. Today, the crew is coordinating events and paint-jams all over the U.S. and has led to creating chapters of the crew in different states including Texas, Washington, California, and Illinois. As graffiti becomes more and more accepted in social norms, we will continue to push our boundaries and grow as a family.

Exhibition Dates
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 12, 2022
Time: 6 to 10 p.m.
Location: mood room, 3121 N. 3rd Ave. Ste 100